Power Of Self Talk

One method of helping young children to develop their speed capabilities is an activity that adults should often participate in their children. This educational tool is called self-talk. By self-talk we mean that parents should talk allowed in short and simple sentences from their child so they can overhear them verbalizing events around them.

Even if a child is only to a stage in life where he or she is making just a few sounds such as grunts or other vowel like sounds they can benefit from observing their parents talk to themselves even while they work around the house. Simple example sentences can include:

“Where is the toy? There it is. Let’s play with the toy. Here is the toy. Fun toy. You like toy? I like toys. Let’s clean up!”

The simple sentences can reach the child’s current ability of speaking. As you can observe, the adults commentary followed what he or she was currently doing in front of their child. Sometimes, it may seem like a parent is talking to themselves and verbalizing their thoughts. The simple sentences will soon have your child verbalizing their thoughts also on a simple scale.

It is essential that parents learn to talk this way during the early stages of speech forming and their young children. There’s a big difference between not speaking and using language to communicate. Child cannot bridge that gap very easily unless he is immersed in many examples around him. As the child begins to talk, they can gradually increase the complexity of its speech as they watch their parents did the same thing. Parents should include more words in each of the simple sentences until eventually they are speaking for sentences at a time. The child will follow suit soon after.

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